St. Luke's D&L RaceFest - Parking / Shuttles

Parking / Shuttles

Race Day Parking and Shuttles

We have arranged complimentary parking in Allentown, parking is free in Bethlehem on Sundays, but you may need to pay for parking in Easton. If you need to pay for parking, all three cities use the ParkMobile app for street and garage parking.  You can also purchase parking at kiosks and in the garages.

We will provide free shuttle buses from the race finish area in Easton to start lines in downtown Allentown and downtown Bethlehem. Signs and volunteers can direct you to the shuttle bus loading site. Shuttle buses will run about every 15 minutes. Relay Teams: there will not be shuttles back to the exchange points! You are responsible for your own transportation. Information about parking for relay teams is in the participants’ guide

Marathon Parking – Allentown

We have arranged for complimentary parking for you in the Spiral Deck on 8th and Linden streets in Allentown. It is very close to the starting area, which is one block south (toward the larger buildings) on Hamilton Street. Use the Linden Street entrance.

allentown race day 2023

The gates will be up and an Allentown Parking Authority representative will guide you in. You can park anywhere in the garage.

If you choose to park in any of the other garages in the city, you will need to take a ticket and pay a fee upon exit. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you park in the Spiral Deck.

As an option to the garage, street parking is also free in Allentown on Sundays.

Half Marathon Parking – Bethlehem

Parking is free in City of Bethlehem garages, lots and streets on Sunday. Even though parking is free, you will still need to take a ticket to activate the gate. Keep the ticket in a safe place in your car; you will need it to exit. Do not take the ticket with you when you race. You risk losing it and delaying your exit.

If you plan to park in one of the garages, we ask that you do so by the first letter of your last name so we do not have all racers trying to park in the same garage.

North Street Garage – last names A through L:

Walnut Street Garage – last names M through Z:

bethlehem parking 2023

A surface parking lot is also available within a couple blocks of the start area.

61 E. Broad Street:

Please consider carpooling to limit the traffic into parking areas and to reduce the impact on the environment!

Finish Line Parking – Easton

Hourly parking will be available in the City of Easton garages and along city streets. There will not be complimentary parking in Easton.

Parking lots (paid parking via credit card and kiosk):

S. 3rd Street (City Hall), $2/hr. Map:

4th Street Parking Garage (behind Easton Public Market). $3/hr. Map:

More info about Easton garages:

Shuttles in Easton to Allentown or Bethlehem

We are pleased to provide you with complimentary shuttle transportation from the finish area in Easton to your starting areas in Allentown or Bethlehem. Note for relay teams: We do not send shuttle buses to the relay exchanges.

Shuttle buses will operate from about 9:15 a.m. until 3 p.m. (We will not leave any racer behind!) Shuttle buses will stop first in Bethlehem, then continue to Allentown if there are riders who need to return to Allentown.

You can pick up shuttle buses at Riverside Park in Easton, which is just north of Scott Park and the finish area. You can reach Riverside Park on the trail alongside the river and under the green truss bridge.

Shuttle buses are scheduled to depart every 10-15 minutes. Depending on traffic conditions, we intend to have a shuttle bus waiting at all times in case the day is particularly wet or cold.

shuttles in easton 2023

Note: There will not be pre-race transportation available from Easton to the start lines in Allentown and Bethlehem. If you are staying overnight in Easton, you will need to find your own transportation to your start in Allentown or Bethlehem.

View the entire athletes’ guide here.