St. Luke's D&L RaceFest - Training Plans

Training Plans

Through the partnership of St. Luke’s and their Fitness and Sports Performance Center and our walking coach, Michele Stanten, we are pleased to present the following training plans and supplemental information to help you prepare for St. Luke’s D&L RaceFest events. We strongly suggest you confer with your primary care physician if you are new to running or walking or are stepping up to take on a new challenge at our race.

Training plans:


Half Marathon Run

Half Marathon Walk


The team at St. Luke’s Fitness and Sports Performance is also offering up additional guidance to make you stronger and more resilient during your race.

Nutrition – running: For before, during and after your race

Nutrition – walking: For before, during and after your race

Strength and metabolic workouts for runners and walkers

And a video demonstrating the strength and metabolic workout exercises featuring John Graham, MS, HFS, CSCS*D, RSCC*D, FNSCA, Senior Network Administrator, St. Luke’s Fitness and Sports Performance,